Businesses Considering Jefferson County

Jeffco EDC provides professional services for site selection consultants and companies that are considering Jefferson County as a business location. From the initial site discussions, to first day of operations, Jeffco EDC can serve as the project’s point-of-contact, presenting an organized and streamlined process needed to make informed business decisions.

Benefits of Using Our Confidential Site Selection

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  • Real estate search, including existing facilities, land development opportunities, and sites that may not be listed
  • Customized demographic and community information
  • Site development assistance
  • Research and analysis of tax, utilities, transportation and various business costs

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  • Working with local and state entities to develop tailored incentive packages
  • Identifying and connecting to financial assistance providers
  • Assistance in securing workforce development training resources

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  • Introductions to potential partners, suppliers and customers
  • Referrals to community and business leaders
  • Organizing local visits with elected officials, community partners, business and industry leaders
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