Beverage Production

Jefferson County is a driving force behind the region’s beverage production industry growth, and accounts for 25% of the employment in metro Denver. Beverage production employees in the county earn an estimated $131 million annually, with an average salary of $63,830.

Beverage Production

Jefferson County has a long history as a leader in the beverage production industry. In 1873, MillerCoors Brewery was established in the city of Golden, which pioneered the industry for not only the state, but the nation. Today, beverage production is one of the fastest growing industries in metro Denver, ranking third in the nation for employment concentration. These companies include breweries, wineries, distilleries, coffee and tea manufacturing, and much more.

With its highly educated workforce, world renowned research institutions, and globally positioned companies, Jefferson County continues to be a premier location for beverage production companies.

Local Industry Snapshot

Number of Companies


5-Year Company Growth


Direct Employment


5-Year Direct Employment Growth (2010-2015)


Average Wage


Did You Know?

  • Jefferson County has the highest concentration of beverage production employees in the metro Denver region, with more than 25% of the region’s beverage production employment.
  • 30 beverage-related companies opened in Jefferson County between 2013 and 2015.
  • Colorado is home to more than 10% of the nation’s craft breweries and the state ranks first in the nation for output per capita.

Jeffco’s Beverage Production Industry Cross Section

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