Financing Resources

Jefferson County, CO has a pro-business climate, offering many financial resources for new and existing companies. From loans to grants, tax credits to property tax reductions, Jeffco EDC helps find the right financial solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Financial Resources

Cash Collateral Support – Provides access to capital for small and medium sized businesses that are having difficulty securing credit because of collateral shortfalls.

Certified Capital Companies – A venture capital program offering assistance to new or expanding small businesses by providing funds to invest in Colorado business.

Colorado Capital Access – Grants small and medium sized businesses access to capital by utilizing a small amount of public resources to encourage financing by eligible lenders.

Colorado Credit Reserve – Increases the availability of credit to small businesses by establishing a pooled loan-loss reserve fund that banks or lending organizations can access to recover losses associated with loans registered with the program.

Venture Capital Authority Funds Makes seed and early-stage capital investments in eligible businesses.

Private activity bonds – Manufacturers can apply for tax-exempt industrial development bonds allocated to the County to help finance construction of relocation and/or expansion projects under $10 million. Bond allocations can be used for the following: building, equipment, land, project “soft” costs (architects, engineers, attorneys, etc), landscaping, fixtures and furnishings, and cost to issue bonds. There is an application fee for the program.

Colorado financial institutions and certified development corporations:

Venture capital in Colorado:

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