Local Incentives and Resources

Jefferson County and its municipal partners actively pursue opportunities to strengthen and enhance the economic vitality of the region. Jeffco EDC will work in partnership with local communities to advocate on your company’s behalf for the maximum benefit from programs.

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Jeffco Personal Property Tax Rebate Program

The Jefferson County Commissioners are pro-business and understand the importance of growing the county’s primary employment base to strengthen the local economy. The Jefferson County personal property tax rebate program is designed to attract businesses to the region, as well as support the expansion of existing businesses. This is a performance-based incentive, and only applies to the county’s portion of taxes collected on qualifying investments.

Jefferson County EDC is the county’s designated agent for incentive recommendations, and facilitates all application requests. To qualify for a rebate, the project must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Project meets general defining criteria under statutory guidelines
  • The company must be in the negotiating stages of the site selection process, with at least one site under consideration outside of Jefferson County
  • The company is a primary employer
  • The project is creating net new jobs and bringing capital investment to the county

Jefferson County Enterprise Zone

Jeffco EDC serves as Jefferson County’s Enterprise Zone (EZ) Administrator, marketing and managing the program for the county, on behalf of the state of Colorado. The EZ promotes a business-friendly environment by providing state income tax credits for qualifying investments to businesses located within an EZ boundary.

Municipal Incentive Programs

Jefferson County EDC will work with our community partners to identify resources for qualifying new and expanding companies. Municipalities within Jefferson County may provide incentives based on an adopted incentive policy or on a case-by-case basis. Qualifications and programs will vary depending upon the community, but could include:

  • Local tax abatement on sales and use taxes
  • Permit fee waivers or reductions
  • Expedited permitting process
  • Training assistance

Private Activity Bonds

Manufacturers can apply for tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds issued by Jefferson County to help finance the construction of new or expanded projects under $10 million. Bond allocations can be used for real and personal property investments. Projects must meet the county’s program eligibility criteria, and there is an application fee for the program.

Workforce Development Resources

The Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center offers a wide array of services to employers, including workforce development training grants, customized job training, job recruitment, and job retention strategies to respond to specific needs of business and industry.

Employee Relocation Resources

Jefferson County EDC offers customized relocation resources to companies and their employees on qualifying business relocation projects. Potential resources include:

  • Jefferson County company visit to relocating site
  • Employee relocation presentations and packets
  • Employment assistance for relocating families
  • Customized data reports
  • Instate tuition advocacy and facilitation
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