Business Relocation Denver


Those looking for the best business relocation in Denver can turn to Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation. It is common to have questions regarding corporate relocation services in Denver.


Common Questions Regarding Relocation Services for Moving Businesses to Colorado


For your review, we have created a list of the frequently asked questions about business relocation and expansion in Colorado. Any questions not answered below should be directed to our customer service and support team at Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation.


What are business relocation services and programs?


Business relocation programs from Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation are designed to help businesses expand and grow within Jefferson County. Special incentives and tax credits are some of the potential benefits corporate companies can reap when relocating and working in Colorado.


Do you help with site selections and property searches?


Conducting property searches is straightforward and simple. Users can enter their location requirements into the filter system. Local maps of business locations and heat maps are easily accessible for all corporations and companies. Users can also compare and contrast locations and economic opportunities.


Are financing and tax incentives offered?


At Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation, we can introduce you to special financing programs and tax deductions. Both existing and new companies in Jefferson County can utilize financial resources to promote growth and economic stability. Tax credits, grants, and property tax reductions are just a few of the incentives for businesses moving to the area.


What communities do you serve?


We serve all of the communities of Jefferson County. Some of the cities we help include Golden, Lakewood, and Westminster. Other local sectors include Wheat Ridge and Arvada. Working together with the surrounding communities allows Jefferson County to become a great place to live and make a living.


How have you helped Jefferson County?


At Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation, we have helped Jefferson County by introducing more than one thousand high paying job positions. Since 2014 alone, our corporation has aided with workforce development to increase employment within Jefferson County.


Do you offer utility savings for relocating businesses?


There are tons of money-saving programs for relocating businesses to review at Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation. Tax exemptions, tax refunds, and training grants are the most commonly utilized resources that we offer. Utility incentives are still undergoing development.


What is the Enterprise Zone?


The Enterprise Zone is a designated sector of Jefferson County that offers relocating businesses income credits for state taxes. The Enterprise Zone Program was designed to stimulate economic growth within Jefferson County. Corporations that hire new employees or offer employee training programs can earn rewards through grants and loans.


Speak With a Representative for More Detailed Information About Relocation in Denver


If you are ready to learn more information about the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation, you are encouraged to give us a call. Reach out to us with your questions or concerns by dialing 303-202-2965. Our staff can review your options and jumpstart your business relocation process! Doing business in Colorado means working directly with us at Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation.