Metro Denver Business Relocation Incentives



Over the past few years, Denver has consistently featured among the list of top cities to do business in the United States. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the city enjoys a significant influx of already established companies and startups. The friendly business climate, deep talent pool, and the vibrant culture and lifestyle make it an exciting place for companies and their employees.


If you’re thinking of relocating your business to Denver, Jefferson County Economic Development Commission (JEFFCO EDC) is here to render all the help you need to ensure a hitch-free location. For those still unsure about moving to the city, below are some Metro Denver relocation incentives that should whet your appetite.


The top Denver, CO, business relocation justifications


Vibrant startup community


Colorado has a startup community that can stand shoulder to shoulder with renowned tech startup states like San Francisco. The state’s most popular tech community, Built In Colorado, boasts close to 80,000 members. There’s also a week-long tech fair that holds every September, attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. But Denver, as a startup hub, attracts more than tech firms. The real estate and mining industries, in particular, are also heavily represented.


Abundant supply of labor


According to Forbes’s latest rankings, Colorado is the best state to do business in America if your most critical need is labor. The state ranks highly in terms of high school and college attainment, as well as net migration and projected population growth. The world-class higher institutions in and around the state churn out numerous market-ready graduates every year, and there is an equally impressive supply of technical and unskilled workers. If having the right people to work with is a priority for your business, we don’t think you need any other business relocation justification in Colorado.


Government support


Through the Office of Economic Development and The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the government of Colorado provides impressive support to existing and relocating businesses alike. Businesses benefit from several tax credits, grants, financing options, and incentives as long as they meet specific requirements in the state. If you wish to know more about these incentives and how to benefit from them, the experts at JEFFCO EDC are your go-to persons.


Robust economy


Colorado ranks high on the list of U.S. states with the fastest-growing economies. Notably, the state’s economy has enjoyed a great deal of diversification over the years. From being largely oil-based, it now features significant contributions from various sectors such as aviation, manufacturing, technology, and real estate, to mention a few. If you’re looking for a reason to relocate your business to Denver, the economic diversity should serve as enough motivation.


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