6 Types Of Working Genius

The Working Genius model offers a holistic approach to enhancing workplace productivity and personal fulfillment by identifying six critical work types. Tyson, our Director is a certified trainer, who is dedicated to helping your organization leverage these geniuses and address frustrations, empowering each team member to achieve their best.

Unveil Your Working Genius

Work defines much of our lives, yet its potential is often untapped. Understand these six work types revolutionizes how we achieve excellence:

Transform Your Organization

Recognizing one's Working Geniuses and frustrations helps shift blame from personal flaws to role misalignment, reducing guilt and improving job satisfaction, while understanding others' geniuses fosters better team alignment and career transitions.

  • Identify Strengths: Pinpoint areas where team members excel and derive joy.
  • Reduce Frustrations: Acknowledge and strategize to lessen the impact of energy-draining tasks.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Leverage understanding of team geniuses to boost productivity, morale, and mitigate burnout.

Your Investment in Working Genius Workshops

Transform your organization and the wider community by investing in a Working Genius workshop with Leadership Jeffco. Every cent of the proceeds funds our Youth and Signature Leadership programs, cultivating the next wave of leadership in Jefferson County.

Ready to shape a thriving future? Learn about our 2-hour and 4-hour workshops by reaching out to Tyson at tyson@jeffcoedc.org.