PCLE (Peer Community Leadership Exchange)

The Peer Community Leadership Exchange (PCLE) seeks to unify and enhance collaboration among key leaders in Jefferson County, facilitating an annual learning exchange for participants to synchronize ideas and strategies with counterparts nationwide. Having visited locations like San Antonio, TX, and Boise, ID, the program is set to convene in Detroit, MI, in September 2024, continuing its mission to tackle complex challenges through shared wisdom.

Program Objectives

  • Collaborative Learning: Encourage the exchange of knowledge and solutions among diverse leaders from different sectors.
  • Strategic Networking: Build a robust network of decision-makers across Jefferson County.
  • Community-wide Impact: Address county-wide challenges through shared insights and collaborative efforts with specific communities nationwide.

Program Features

  • Targeted Recruitment: Aim to involve influential leaders from across Jefferson County each year.
  • Cross-community Engagement: Facilitate interactions with leaders from other communities to gain diverse perspectives.
  • Resource Alignment: Streamline the use of resources across sectors for more effective problem-solving.
  • Inclusive Approach: Ensure representation from city to county level, and from public to private sectors.
  • Outcome-focused Activities: Focus on tangible results and improvements in community leadership capabilities.

For details on upcoming PCLE events, including our 2024 session in Detroit this September, reach out to Jansen Tidmore, President and CEO of the EDC, at jtidmore@jeffcoedc.org.